As we have extensive experience and technical knowledge in the field of events and show entertainment line we can provide to our clients best and latest technologies are as

we can provide to our customer best laser experience and technologies   with latest hardware and software.Laser light visibilities depends on Wattage , wavelength of laser colors , ambiance light of venue and smoke  so we can provide laser projectors’  with best DPSS Diodes from 5000mw to 12000mw wattage  for indoor and outdoor purpose Depends on clients show venue.  we  can provide single color Green and Multicolor RGB laser with TTL and Analoge inputs and grating mirror effects. Software we use Pangolin LD2000 and Beyond.from USA to produse best animation and beam shows effects .

Intactive Floor
We can provide Intractive floor system with various effects.

LED Wall Display System
We Can provide led wall for all occasions of any type from indoor to outdoor , from ground stack  wall to hanging wall ,of any pitch  P5mm toP 25mm and special purpose TV Shoot wall , LED mesh wall with light weight  for  outdoor windy weather.

Water Screen/ Water curtain
The amazing  medium of water can be confirmed by the unique addition to laser system – A Water screen. A company logo , brand video , laser  graphics or music  beam shows appearing  on water screen can be appealing to potential customers.   We can provide water screen for outdoor laser and video projection and water curtain for indoor/outdoor projects.

Sound System
We can Provide sound systems for all occasions.

Stage Lighting
We can provide stage lighting  for any kind of shows from  par can ,Led lighting to moving head lighting.


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