Laser Shows

There is mainly two type of laser shows one is graphics (animation) show and second is beam shows.

Graphics Show :
The Graphic Laser show is a perfect way to surprise  the audience because some information about company or a  new product can be given in a unique fantastic way.Laser graphics can display a clients logo, animate their product, tell a story, or simply entertain. It is also possible to create 3D laser show which is really good way to create an illusion of space.This can help to make graphics shows very different and attention –getting. We provide high quality laser graphics shows custom designed to your events theme. Everything  is subjected to their wishes and ideas. Client selects  the music, action and Frames and we  programmed it  to 3-4 minute laser show.

Beam Show :
Music beam show is a laser show fully synchronized to music. With beams, the audience sees structures in mid air, such as fans or cones of light.Audience can feel the moving  shapes or even  touching  them .As laser light has a very small diffraction rate par distance which enables its refraction with mirrors. As  a result of this spectacular web of laser beams can be throughout the area. Usually theatrical fog or haze is required to make the light shapes more visible.Beam shows can be pre-programmed shows  or custom ordered show. There is other concept of lasers we have Laser Girl. In this act girl dance and act with music and synchronized with lasers .


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